Here at Mawi Learning we are passionate about Social Emotional Learning for ELL students. We believe that developing non-cognitive skills will increase academic and life success.

I'm of the opinion that there is a special place where the acronyms of life can be laid to rest, but CPS (Chicago Public Schools) is not that place. There's likely a good 1:1 ratio of full terminology to three letter acronyms used in teacher-talk which can be frightening to the untrained ear.

It happens every single year; I'm popping into classrooms, and kindly interrupting teachers to ask for a group of kids who need to take the ACCESS test. Among the kids will inevitably come a name that elicits a look of genuine confusion from the teacher. I know the look, it's the "but he's black" look. There are few points to be made here.

When we talk about building an asset-based approach to ELL education, it goes beyond giving examples of success ELL students who have made it. Instead, an asset-based approach requires us to think about being an English Language Learner as a position of strength.

Martin is a student who is taking Mawi Learning's Super ELL course.

What is a PLN?

Jacob Atem's parents were killed in the Second Sudanese Civil War when he was a small child. At age 6 he was forced from his village and walked for days to find a refugee camp.  He survived a lion attack, crossing a river with crocodiles, and extreme heat and hunger.  Jacob was one of more than 20,000 “Lost Boys” of Sudan who faced similar challenges.

Elaine Chao was 8 years old when her family moved from Taiwan to the United States. Her father had come to the United States 3 years earlier as a college student in New York and worked 3 jobs in order to bring his family there.

Name: Albert Pujols
Born: Dominican Republic

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