Mawi Learning and Mindset Works Create New Powerful Educator Course

Mawi Learning and Mindset Works, global leaders in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Growth Mindset, have teamed up to create Powerful Educator, an online course that empowers educators to transform student learning with proven motivational and learning tools. The course leverages Mawi Learning’s work with over one million students and educators worldwide, as well as the extensive Growth Mindset research and practice by Mindset Works, which was co-founded by pioneers Carol Dweck and Lisa Blackwell and has served thousands of schools since 2008.

The new Every Student Succeeds Act emphasizes the development of non-academic indicators of student success. The Powerful Educator course helps districts equip educators with research-based SEL tools to ignite student learning. “Our work with over 1,000 districts has shown us that educators are the backbone of any school,” says Mawi Asgedom, CEO of Mawi Learning. “To inspire student success, we should first empower educators.”

The Powerful Educator course is available online and can be used in a blended learning format to support professional learning communities or a dedicated cohort of educators. The course teaches five foundational powers that inspire school-wide growth and offers new video training directly from Mawi Asgedom, Carol Dweck and others. Educators apply research-based SEL principles such as Growth Mindset and Locus of Control as they progress through each module, culminating in an impact portfolio.

Eduardo Briceno, Co-Founder and CEO of Mindset Works says, “Mawi Learning shares our commitment to creating lifelong learners through world class, research-based training. Our Powerful Educator course will help unleash educators’ power to transform students’ lives.”

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