At the end of September, the US Department of Education released new guidelines for the education of English Learners under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Secretary of Education John King introduced the guidelines, remarking that:

"Under the Every Student Succeeds Act, we have an opportunity to give students the gift of bilingualism and of multilingualism so they are prepared for college and career with a better sense of themselves, their community, their future, and a better appreciation for our diversity as a country."

The guidelines focus on helping educators bridge the achievement gaps between ELs and non-EL students, new information on Title I and Title II, and resources on parent, family, and community engagement. The guidelines also include information for English Learning students with disabilities and Long-Term English Learners.

Though these guidelines are non-regulatory, the hope is that they will help support educators of all ELs.

Read the press release announcing the guidelines here and the full guidelines here.

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