Put the Growth Mindset into action across your entire school through our Powerful Educator course. Administrators, teachers, counselors, and other support staff will develop a shared language, a powerful framework for growth, and an ongoing, committed community of practice. Our Powerful Educator course was created in partnership with Mindset Works, and features direct, exclusive video training from Dr. Carol Dweck, pioneering researcher of the Growth Mindset.

Growth Mindset
Suggested Implementation


  • K-12 Educators

Year 1

  • Powerful Educator Course (For Administrators, Department Heads, Lead Teachers)

Year 2 and ongoing

  • Powerful Educator Course (For all educators)

Here's what educators and students say:

  • Powerful Educator empowers leaders to create a school culture that is rich in relationships, growth mindset, and collective teacher efficacy. I highly recommend this learning opportunity for your school.
    — Chris Silagi, Principal, Wheaton Public Schools
  • The ingredients of any terrific school in the world are great teaching and more of it. For teachers truly to be great, they are not just masters of imparting academic knowledge and skills; they are also great at building relationships with their students and building a culture of comfortable high expectations and nurturing family in their classrooms. Powerful Educator helps teachers learn what to do after the lesson plans are done to ensure they are set up for success and setting up their students for success.
    — Mike Feinberg, Co-Founder, Kipp Schools

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