Our Super ELL courses and supporting growth framework allow you to build a school-wide culture of success for ELL students.  Build academic confidence and sense of belonging in every ELL student.

District Wide ELL Success
Suggested Implementation


  • K-12 Staff

Year 1

  • Training in Super ELL Growth Framework

Elementary School

  • Elementary School Students


  • Super ELL Elementary Course

Middle and High School

  • Middle and High School Students, WIDA Levels 2-3
  • Middle and High School Students, WIDA Levels 3-4

Year 1

  • Super ELL Course

Year 2

  • Super Student Course

Here's what educators and students say:

  • My students have increased confidence, a desire to work harder, and a stronger belief in themselves, and I’m seeing them use these qualities to become stronger students.
    — Bryan Peters, ELL teacher
  • All ELL students deserve something like this program to promote confidence and help them be better students
    — Kostadin Mihaylov, ELL Teacher
  • This course is really unique in focusing on the social-emotional well-being of the student, making connections with the students, and empowering the students to achieve
    — Diane Munoz, ELL Teacher
  • The thing I liked most about the class was that it taught me to believe in myself and have confidence.
    — Raul, Super ELL Student
  • I was embarrassed to speak English and to make mistakes but now I don’t care because I learn with every mistake I do.
    — Sandra, Super ELL Student

of students say Super ELL helped them in other classes


of students would recommend Super ELL to other students


of students say Super ELL increased their pride in culture and family


of educators say the ELL Growth Framework will help them in their work with students