Give every student the mindset and skills to succeed academically. Each course builds sequentially to inspire growth and achievement in students as they move through high school.

Academic Success
Suggested Implementation

High School

  • 8th-12th grade students

Year 1

  • Critical Thinking and Study Skills Course (8th and 9th grade students)

Year 2

  • College and Career Readiness Course (9th and 10th grade students)

Year 3

  • Turbo Leadership Course (11th and 12th grade students)

Middle School

  • 6th-8th grade students

Year 1

  • Turbo Leader 1 Course

Year 2

  • Turbo Leader 2 Course

Year 3

  • Turbo Leader 3 Course

Here's what educators and students say:

  • Mawi Learning has empowered our middle school students to lead and succeed and helped us create a culture of growth.
    — Dr. Kevin Suchinski, Superintendent, Hillside School District
  • Critical Thinking and Study Skills helped me realize that will grit and great effort anything can be done, even if it seems impossible.
    — Juan, High School Freshman
  • I used to be a C and D student. Now I’m an A and B student.
    — Demonte, Lincoln Park High School Sophomore

of students say Critical Thinking and Study Skills helped improve their ability to think and learn.


of students who took Turbo Leadership say they developed higher confidence.