Turbo-Charging our Website: A Glance at What’s New

It’s the new year, and Mawi Learning is proud to introduce its new look – one that just might help you see SEL in a new light.

Happy New Year! Welcome to Mawi Learning’s new website – let’s dive in together!

We’re thrilled that the site’s updated design allows us to provide you with the key information you need to apply SEL. This means that we’re showcasing how our curricula and Turbo Tools, when properly leveraged, have a lasting and substantive impact on the lives of students and educators for years to come.

We’re also launching our new blog and newsletter subscription program with the goal of becoming your one-stop shop for insights, tips, and trends on all things SEL.

By signing up for our Turbo Tuesday Newsletter, you’ll get a curated round-up of the best SEL content from around the web as well as updates on what’s new at Mawi Learning. Plus, each month, Mawi himself will offer his take on a critical topic or issue that relates to SEL and how it can promote academic growth and student well-being for students and educators around the world.

Click here to sign up for the Turbo Tuesday Newsletter!

And, fear not! You can still find all the great Mawi Learning pages you’ve come to love over the years on our new site. We’ve even compiled this handy list of key links that may help get acquainted with the new site. Bookmark as needed!

Page-by-page: Essential Links for Navigating the New Site

  • Student Courses
    • Info on our courses for students has been spread across three subject-matter specific pages – you can find the courses here, here, and here. (Pro tip: scroll to the bottom of each of these pages to download a one-pager overview of each course!)
  • Professional Development & Educator Courses
    • Start by checking out our PD Courses Overview page for a run-down of our PD solutions, as well as links to relevant courses.
  • Need to know more about SEL?
    • Whether it’s for you or a curious colleague, be sure to check out our What is SEL? page, which offers an excellent overview of the history of SEL in the US.
    • Then, if you’re looking for a more detailed explanation of how Mawi Learning seeks to apply SEL, read all about our research-driven and evidence-based approach to course development.
  • Educator Resources
    • If you’re looking to stay up to date on all things SEL and Mawi Learning, you should become a regular visitor of our new blog, and definitely be sure to sign up for our Turbo Tuesday monthly newsletter.
    • If you’re looking to Turbo-charge the halls or even your next PD course, don’t forget about our online store, where you can order items like Turbo Buttons, books, and Turbo Tool posters for your classroom.
  • Want to chat?
    • Finally, if you have any questions or want to talk about how to best amp up SEL initiatives in your school, feel free to contact us at any time – there’s a link form in the footer on every page, or you can send us an email here!
Mawi Asgedom

Mawi Asgedom

Mawi Asgedom fled war-torn Ethiopia as a child and survived a refugee camp for three years before being resettled in the United States. Growing up in the U.S., Mawi faced many challenges including language barriers, financial hardship, and personal tragedy.