As an educator to immigrant Head Start parents who are learning English, I see both the parents and their children in a struggle to learn a new language, while also trying to adjust and navigate in a new culture. One thing I have noticed is that, in this struggle, there can often be a loss of identity among EL parents and their children.

Technology is quickly becoming an integral aspect of the classroom. Students are now able to use the internet and computers to enhance their education and engage with content and peers.

As a teacher, the word policy had a type of visceral reaction for me. Changes to policy invariably seemed to shift the very same teaching terrain that I was just starting to master.

We are excited to share Mawi's recent webinar, Increase ELL Success Through Blended and Online Social Emotional Learning, hosted by iNACOL. Watch this webinar to explore research-based social emotional learning, such as grit and growth mindset, specifically as they relate to ELL students.

In one of my favorite speeches from Mawi, he talks about the social stigma he faced as a student because of cultural differences.

This inspirational video highlights students taking Mawi Learning's Super ELL course at Taft High School in Chicago.

Is there a trick that you have to differentiating when you have variance of languages and levels in one classroom?

What are the three pieces of advice that you would give to teachers just starting out in their ELL classrooms? 

Does your school have a gifted program? Are any of the gifted student English Language Learners?


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