The ELL students at Anne Sullivan Elementary School are scoring higher than their peers in the district and throughout the state of South Dakota. What is making the difference?

As a veteran teacher of over fifteen years who has taught all different ages of students from many cultural backgrounds, I know the importance of having a lesson plan and materials ready to go to address student needs and challenges. 

We often see narratives about our students, classes, and schools that don't line up with the reality we see in front of us. In the Super ELL framework, we're committed to an asset-based approach to teaching ELL students. 

Are you currently using Growth Mindset, confidence-building, and other success building social-emotional techniques with your ELL students? Do you want the tools to help your students realize their dreams?

Chants of "Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees" followed me into school every morning.

I didn't even know what this meant, but I knew it made me feel small, ashamed, and invisible.

Ever need a fun activity to jump-start your class or help fill the last 5 minutes after a grueling day? I always kept a few "word puzzle sheets" around for times when we needed a bit of levity in the classroom.

As with many things in life, small changes in how we operate can make enormous impacts on the outcomes we seek. This truth extends itself to our effectiveness as bilingual and ESL educators, especially when it comes to reading and writing.

In high school, it can feel like the holiday season is kicked off with homecoming. The football game, dance, and spirit week festivities happen right before Halloween, and then it's November. 

You know the kids: the troublemakers, the ones who can't sit still, the kids that often make your job more difficult. They may be diagnosed with ADHD, Bipolar or Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Or they may just seem disrespectful and willfully disobedient.

Many of us have experienced traveling to a foreign country and having a difficult time understanding the language, but at the same time being exciting to learn about the history, culture, and food of where we were visiting.


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