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Of Beetles & Angels: A Boy's Remarkable Journey from a Refugee Camp to Harvard

Mawi’s inspiring memoir shares his harrowing journey from a refugee camp to Harvard University. Students will develop a deeper understanding of their larger world; understand the power of respect; and realize that anyone, regardless of their background, can succeed. Winner of awards from the American Library Association and the Social Studies Council of America. Mawi’s personal story has inspired tens of thousands of students and educators around the world, and been read as a one book, one school selection in hundreds of communities.

Book Price: $19.95
Mawi Learning - De Escarabajos y Ángeles: La Historia de un Niño; un Trayecto Extraordinario Desde un Campo de Refugiados Hasta Harvard

De Escarabajos y Ángeles: La Historia de un Niño; un Trayecto Extraordinario Desde un Campo de Refugiados Hasta Harvard

LAS INOLVIDABLES MEMORIAS DE MAWI COMPARTEN SU JORNADA desde un campo de refugiados hasta la Universidad de Harvard. De Escarabajos y Ángeles ha inspirado a incontables estudiantes alrededor del mundo y ganado premios de The American Library Association, The Social Studies Council of America, y muchas otras asociaciones para la educación.

Book Price: $19.95


How can any educator, regardless of their background, help English Learners succeed? How can educators leverage the best research on Growth Mindset, student agency, and other proven social emotional learning concepts to empower English Learners?

In this dynamic guide to English Learner success, you will gain a powerful framework and countless tools including:

  • Proven Classroom Strategies
  • Hands-on Lesson Ideas
  • Ready-to-Use Activities
  • Mini-Case Studies
  • Reflection Guides

By the time you finish, you will have new power to unlock the potential of every English Learner and a research-based common language for English Learner success across your school.

Book Price: $15.95
Mawi Learning - PLC Leader Kit: Empowering English Learners for Classroom Success

PLC Leader Kit: Empowering English Learners for Classroom Success

This leader kit is intended to serve as a leader guide as a companion piece for schools/districts reading Empowering English Learners for Classroom Success book. The Leader Kit includes comprehensive implementation planning that supports leaders as they work with teachers on six social-emotional learning concepts: Growth Mindset, Agency, Family and Culture, School Connections, Language Acquisition, and Coping Mechanisms.

All PLC Kit materials are delivered virtually for convenience and ease. A password for access will be emailed to the address listed in the purchase order.

Some activities in the kit include:

  • Guides for conducting parent and community sessions
  • Monthly guides with discussion questions
  • Group reflection activities
  • Customizable presentation templates for leading PLC or small group discussions
  • Family letters* to encourage involvement in learning
  • Scheduling guide

*Available in many languages

PLC Kit Price: $795
Mawi Learning - POWERFUL EDUCATOR: How to Inspire Student Growth

POWERFUL EDUCATOR: How to Inspire Student Growth

As an educator or parent, you have tremendous power to inspire students. In Powerful Educator, Mawi Asgedom reminds you of your power and gives you practical methods you can use immediately, based on his work with over 1,000,000 students at more than 1,000 schools. You will learn how to leverage the latest research on mindset, grit, executive function, and non-cognitive skills to profoundly impact the youth in your life.

Book Price: $15.00
Mawi Learning - The Third Harmony

The Third Harmony

To save the world, three teenaged orphans go on a wild, fast-paced adventure to uncover a 200-year-old mystery. The orphans learn to unlock and master the Five Harmonies, secret leadership principles with world-changing power.

Book Price: $18.95