SEL English Language Learner Resources for Educators

ELL students face the challenge of learning a new language while fitting into a new school environment and culture. When ELL teachers have SEL knowledge and tools, they can build inclusive learning environments and empower student success.

Meet English Learners Where They Are

ELL student success hinges on setting up appropriate conditions for learning. Well-prepared teachers and staff are key to making this happen.

ACT | Mawi Learning’s SEL curriculum features a comprehensive set of practical SEL tools that educators and students apply every day to build a positive school culture and climate.

At Mawi Learning, we believe that training all teachers and staff in core SEL competencies is essential to boosting academic achievement. Mawi Learning’s ELL leader kit is a companion piece to the book, Empowering English Learners for Classroom Success. This resource gives leaders tools to coach teachers on six social emotional learning concepts:

  • Growth Mindset
  • Agency
  • Family & Culture
  • School Connections
  • Language Acquisition
  • Coping Mechanisms

Mawi Learning Offers a Proven Toolkit for ELL Success

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Teacher extension resources available


Blended delivery option Teacher extension resources available

Empowering English Learners Leader Kit

GRADE: Staff

LENGTH: 1 or more segments, depending on needs


This kit centers around the book Empowering English Learners for Classroom Success by Mawi Asgedom and Johanna Even, EdD. An excellent tool for schools with active ELL communities, the kit expands on core concepts in social emotional learning for ELL students discussed in the book. Topics covered include growth mindset, healthy relationships at school and at home, and how to help students succeed in their language acquisition efforts. Convenient and flexible, this professional development can support a professional learning community or stand alone as a PD offering.

Kit contains: Presentations for running staff PD sessions, handouts, discussion prompts, agendas, and more.