Turbo Toolkit:
SEL Professional Development

Train Educators to Bring Social Emotional Learning Skills to Life

ACT | Mawi Learning’s Turbo Toolkit helps educators put social emotional learning concepts into action.

When educators are equipped with our SEL curriculum, they gain common language and tools for employing SEL principles. Educators work together to create a positive school culture and climate.

How it Works

Our Turbo Toolkit includes tools, mental models, and frameworks that fit into any school, classroom type, or subject area. Through regular application, the Turbo Toolkit enables educators to transform abstract SEL principles into practical actions that they can use every day.

Mawi Learning’s Core SEL Competencies

Mawi Learning - Turbo

Educators with Turbo take action to improve their life and move toward their goals. They take ownership of their success.

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Turbo Button

Mawi Learning - Relationships

Educators with meaningful relationships use healthy communication and productive conflict strategies to build a supportive team of peers and adults.

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Power of Invitation

Mawi Learning - Mindsets

Educators with growth mindsets believe they can get better in any area of their life. They look for opportunities to gain knowledge and learn from mistakes.

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Can Do and Not Yet Circles

Mawi Learning - Skills

Educators with strong skills set goals for success, handle stress, and can put their knowledge into action.

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Instant vs. Lasting Zone

Mawi Learning - Voice

Educators with strong voices use their strengths to find and share their passion, and they look for opportunities to become leaders.

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Mental Mirror

Infuse SEL into Every Aspect of School Culture & Climate.

Every day, teachers find themselves dealing with discipline issues, planning pressures, and the demands of a constantly changing educational environment. That’s why every educator needs situation-specific SEL tools that adapt to varied environments with ease.

Mawi Learning’s Turbo Toolkit empowers teachers and administrators to become agents of change. When teachers activate Turbo Tools they develop a greater understanding of core SEL competencies that inform their practice every day.

Give Your Team the Tools to Turbo Charge Learning Today

By leveraging proven SEL tools, educators have the power to take their practices to new heights and create a positive classroom environment for all students

Mawi Learning - SEL PD for all


Students thrive when teachers and administrators have proven SEL tools that apply to all types of classes, situations, and settings. Schools with strong SEL PD see academic gains and the emergence of a positive and encouraging school culture.

Mawi Learning - SEL PD for ELL Teachers

English Learner PD

ELL students face unique challenges and opportunities for growth. When ELL educators have a solid SEL framework, they can set up their ELL students for academic and social success.