A Comprehensive Social Emotional Learning Curriculum:
Build Critical Skills for Lifelong Success

What is the Turbo Toolkit?

The evidence-based Turbo Toolkit sits at the heart of ACT | Mawi Learning’s social emotional learning curriculum, which consists of dynamic mental models, frameworks, and tools that bring SEL to life through everyday application — like, growth mindset and relationship building.

Turbo Tools helps teachers integrate core SEL competencies into their classrooms with ease. As students learn to apply SEL, they develop a strong awareness of their inner worth and power, driving improvements in academics and personal well-being.

SEL Tools with Real Impact

Equipped with the right tools, students and educators do the rest. Grounded in the strongest SEL literature and featured in CASEL’s Effective SEL Programs Guide, SEL curriculum delivers measurable improvements in:

Mawi Learning - School Culture


Students and teachers learn that intelligence and ability can improve with effort. The result: schools see uplift in grades, test scores, and other core metrics.

Mawi Learning - Academics

School Culture

Students learn to connect with peers and feel that their ideas are valued. They become community contributors who collaborate to foster a positive school culture.

Mawi Learning - ELL Acclimation

ELL Success

SEL skills help ELL students master language acquisition and cultural fluency. They face new learning environments with optimism.

What is Turbo?

Turbo is the animating force that makes Mawi Learning’s Turbo Tools come alive. Turbo represents our power to act, or to harness what SEL researchers call “agency.”

Hitting the Turbo Button is like accessing a “power up” in real life. Teachers and students learn that we all have our own personal Turbo Button, which can be activated at any time to ignite our inner power and leverage other Turbo Tools for growth.

The Turbo Button empowers us to take action and to operate within our locus of control. It prompts us to be agents of change and work toward our goals. Turbo is choosing action over inaction, energy over passivity, agency over helplessness.

The Turbo Button is a simple tool with mighty influence.

The Turbo Toolkit Ignites Student Growth Across 5 Key SEL Competencies:

Mawi Learning - Turbo

Students with Turbo take action to improve their life and move toward their goals. They take ownership of their success.

Featured Turbo Tool
Mawi Learning - Turbo Toolkit Icons - Relationships - Turbo Toolkit Icons - Button

Turbo Button

Mawi Learning - Relationships

Students with meaningful relationships use healthy communication and productive conflict strategies to build a supportive team of peers and adults.

Featured Turbo Tool
Mawi Learning - Turbo Toolkit Icons - Relationships

Power of Invitation

Mawi Learning - Mindsets

Students with growth mindsets believe they can get better in any area of their life. They look for opportunities to gain knowledge and learn from mistakes.

Featured Turbo Tool
Mawi Learning - Turbo Toolkit Icons - Mindset

Can Do and Not Yet Circles

Mawi Learning - Skills

Students with strong skills set goals for success, handle stress, and can put their knowledge into action.

Featured Turbo Tool
Mawi Learning - Turbo Toolkit Icons - Skills

Instant vs. Lasting Zone

Mawi Learning - Voice

Students with strong voices use their strengths to find and share their passion, and they look for opportunities to become leader.

Featured Turbo Tool
Mawi Learning - Updated Turbo Toolkit Icons - Voice

Mental Mirror

Don’t take our word for it… check out the Turbo Toolkit in action

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