I read an article about Lady Gaga recently. One thing I thought was pretty cool is, she wakes up and asks her staff: "How are we going to be amazing and brilliant today."

Most of us wake up and ask ourselves: "What will the weather will be like today" or "What do I have to do today?"

How about: How am I going to be Amazing and Brilliant today?


Babies and young children do amazing, brilliant things every day, perhaps because this is their day's work. As we age, we build many barriers to unleashing our brilliance. We're too busy, there's too much risk, we second-guess ourselves, what will people think?, what if I fail?, and the list goes on. In Mental Karate, these are thought patterns which are holding us back in life. It's time to identify these thoughts and be amazing and brilliant today and everday (OK maybe not every day!).

Carol - we need to find a way to collaborate some more with Mental Karate! Love all your insights and energy!

I reached out to one of my (rising 9th grade) student alumni after she wrote to me in an email, " i feel like lately i havent been myself . i dont feel strong anymore i dont know why . I hope going to counseling brings me back into my original Character." A beautiful conversation followed about her goals and how to make them happen in the everydayness of life.

What a great concept - Muhamad Ali is quoted as saying “Do not count the days; make the days count.” sililar concept... challenging middle level kids to make it a great day is an awesome idea... I will work on it...

what a geat idea - I end the year counting the days down with the students, but I remind them Muhhamad Ali said that we can count the days, but it is more important to make the days count. To help me be accountable with my summer - I created and wrote a blog about making the days count... I plan to use it with my students to illustrate that even the most innocuous events are opportunities to make a day count - to be brilliant and to make the days matter...

Thanks Gigi - continue to inspire our youth! Clay - love the blog idea...and showing your students that you are applying the same principles you share with them - I hope we get to collaborate again.

I know this an old post but still. I am feeling amazing and brilliant today. Just thought id share that with you. Today is going to be a good day, from the Blind Martial Artist.

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