Free SEL Student Curriculum

Thank you for your interest in registering for free access to select ACT| Mawi Learning student curriculum programs!

We know you appreciate how important SEL tools and lessons are when life seems “normal,” and we’re sure you are seeing the need even more so now. To help students, educators, and families, we’re providing free access to three of our blended and online SEL programs.

Super ELL

(Recommended 6-12, WIDA levels 2-3+)

Equip English Learners with tools to accelerate academic success, establish strong relationships, and prepare for college and career. Lessons draw upon inspiring true stories of EL success, interactive practice, and exclusive coaching videos from Mawi Asgedom.

Turbo Leader 1

(Middle School)

Equip students with the critical social emotional skills they need to build confidence and habits of success to thrive in middle school. Students discover how their brain changes in amazing ways and how they can harness that unique energy to grow during this exciting time in their life.

Turbo Leadership

(High School)

High school students face new responsibilities, difficult decisions, and increased academic rigor. Through the Turbo Leadership program, students develop essential, research-based leadership skills – such as goal setting and growth mindset — that drive success.

These courses can be used, free of charge, in-home now (and in-classroom when that times comes) until the end of June 2020. Click on the REGISTER NOW button for your free access.

We know you have a ton on your plate right now, so our goal is to provide access to this SEL curriculum with the least amount of additional work or disruption to your teaching. If you have questions or have interest in further training and resources, please contact us at

Looking for additional free SEL resources? Visit our COVID-19 Resource page for more materials that can be used with students, educators, and families.