As students progress through high school, they are faced with increased responsibility, difficult decisions, and opportunities for growth. Turbo Leadership focuses on the most essential, research-based leadership skills like grit and growth mindset that drive a student’s ability to learn, adapt, and excel academically. The course teaches students how to learn from experience, lead effectively, and improve performance in and out of school.

Student and Educator Feedback
  • 94% of students recommend our leadership training
  • 93% of educators saw improvements in students’ readiness for college and career
  • 95% of educators saw improvements in students’ Growth Mindsets and confidence
  • In a short amount of time, I have seen students make transformations in their lives.
    — Christy Walker, Dean of Lincoln Park High School, Chicago
  • After taking this class I know some techniques that I can carry with me forever!
    — Elizabeth, Student
Quick Facts
Course is ideal for grades 8-12
Course length
16 lessons
Credit-bearing course; supplement to existing course; after-school program; athletic program