As students transition to high school, they face intensifying academic challenges and more rigorous standardized tests. Critical Thinking and Study Skills provides students with a proven blueprint for academic success, based on the best research on student learning and Mawi Learning’s fieldwork with over a million students.

Student Social and Emotional Learning Outcomes

Students reported an increase in academic confidence, enjoyment of challenging assignments, and a positive view of their own intelligence

  • 98% of students would recommend Critical Thinking and Study Skills to a classmate
  • 94% of students say the course improved their study habits
  • 95% of teachers saw increases in students’ critical analysis skills and over 92% of teachers saw a reduction in students’ test anxiety.
  • The course helped me get better grades on my tests and gave me helpful strategies I can use all they way to college.
    — North Port High School Student, Spring 2017
Quick Facts
Ideal for grades 8-10
Course Length
19 lesson
Credit-bearing course; supplement to existing course; summer school; advisory/homeroom; freshmen onboarding.