Evidence-Based SEL:  Mawi Learning Selected to CASEL SEL Guide

Mawi Learning's Turbo Leader featured in the 2019 CASEL SEL guide to evidence-based programming.

The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) has established itself as the clearing house for what works in SEL, which  is why Mawi Learning is proud to announce its inclusion in CASEL’s forthcoming updated Effective Social and Emotional Learning Programs Guide.

Last updated in 2015, CASEL’s Guide applies a systematic framework for assessing the quality of SEL programs. The updated Guide, which will be released shortly, identifies and rates well-designed, evidence-based SEL programs that possess the potential for broad dissemination to schools across the United States.

Alignment with CASEL’s SEL framework

Across all programs, Mawi Learning’s core competencies, methods, and programs are based on the strongest literature on the positive impacts of SEL on academics, behaviors, and student success.

All of Mawi Learning’s evidence-based programs — which span grades K-12 and professional development for educators — are aligned with CASEL’s model of SEL and include effective strategies that play a central role in shaping a school’s approach to promoting student-centered social and emotional learning.

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Inclusion in the 2019 CASEL SEL Guide

Most recently, Mawi Learning’s middle school curriculum, Turbo Leader, has been selected for inclusion in CASEL’s 2019 Effective Social and Emotional Learning Programs Guide, which includes only evidence-based programs that have a strong case of research and impact.

In order to demonstrate Turbo Leader’s impact on students, Mawi Learning leveraged externally validated instruments to embark upon a strong comparison group study of students in grades 6-8. Ultimately, the study found that students who used Mawi Learning’s middle school curriculum showed statistically significant growth across key SEL metrics:

  •       Growth  Mindset
  •       Self-Efficacy
  •       Grit
  •       Sense of Belonging


Additionally, qualitative feedback from educators indicates that Mawi Learning’s SEL students:

  •       Demonstrate increased resilience in the face of academic and personal challenges
  •       Share a common language of SEL success, with educators and students alike
  •       Succeed at focusing on future growth and successfully transitioning to high school

What is Turbo Leader?

Designed to help students build the confidence and SEL skills they need to succeed in times of transition, the Turbo Leader series is a three-year program that helps students learn how to build confidence, boost academics, set and achieve goals, manage complex interpersonal relationships, and much more.

But, don’t take our word for it, here’s what Hillside’s middle schoolers have to say about developing their sense of inner agency by hitting their Turbo Buttons:

Available for both blended and online settings, Turbo Leader’s robust offerings include interactive online lessons, student journals, and teacher resources that are chock-full of extension activities, discussion guides, and creative home assignments that deepen student learning.

To learn more about Mawi Learning’s Turbo Leader curriculum, how schools are implementing Mawi Learning’s SEL curriculum, or the soon-to-be-published CASEL Guide, contact us today!