Mawi Learning Sponsors 2019 FLDVIPN Symposium

We can't wait to see you! Here's how to find us at the FLDVIPN 2019 Symposium – details on trivia, keynotes, speeches, and more...

At Mawi Learning, we’re passionate about SEL because we truly believe that the world just might become a better and more kind place as more and more students and educators gain access to proven SEL tools in school.

To us, this means providing access to all students, no matter where they live, or how they access educational opportunities, which is why we provide our robust SEL curricula to educators who work in both online and traditional classroom environments.

It’s also a large part of why we’re thrilled to announce that Mawi Learning will be spending the bulk of next week in the sunny state of Florida at the 2019 FLDVIPN Symposium (Florida District Virtual Instruction Program Network).

As the  3-day symposium that brings together virtual educators from across the state of Florida approaches, we’re growing more and more excited to connect with friends, both old and new, and learn all about how they’re finding the best methods for incorporating leadership and SEL courses in their virtual school environments.

Want to connect with Mawi Learning at the 2019 FLDVIPN Symposium? Take note of these upcoming events:

  • Keynote Speech | Wednesday, 12:30 PM

On the opening day of the symposium, we’re excited to announce that our founder, Mawi Asgedom, will be delivering the keynote address. No spoilers here, but we promise that you won’t want to miss this one.

  • SEL as PD, a co-presentation with Seminole County Virtual School | Friday, 10:15 AM

On Friday, one of our in-house education consultants, Evona Frink Jones, will be co-presenting with a partner district highlighting the impact of our Powerful Educator PD.  Powerful Educator is a professional development curriculum that provides actionable tools to redesign school culture, unlock student potential, and to help educators reignite their passion for teaching.  Audience members at this session will learn how Seminole County Virtual School has used the 5 Powers taught in their curriculum to positively impact school culture and climate and to foster deeper relationships with families.

  • Growth Mindset for Educators, Living Life as an explorer | Friday, 10:15 AM

Also on Friday, our Director of Training, Pat Donohue, will offer a hands-on workshop that focuses on everyday tactics for leveraging growth mindset as an educator. Donohue will discuss the attitudes of Explorers (who focus on curiosity and growth) and Judges (who tend to major in negativity and limitations).  Audience members will learn practical daily mindset tips on how to live the life of an Explorer where stress will be lowered and joy and effectiveness will increase.

  • Pub Trivia Night | Wednesday, 6:30 PM

You won’t want to miss our night of pub trivia on Wednesday. Find a team, or show up and meet someone new, as you compete with educators from across the state for, well, bragging rights– and some pretty neat prizes. We can’t wait to see you there!