Finding Sunlight Even When It’s Cloudy Outside: Recharging to be the Fabulous Educator of English Learners that You Are!

Whatever you need in order find your sunlight is up to you. Whether it is singing in the car, playing a sport, or just playing plain old candy crush on your phone, do what makes you happy. Afterwards, take a rest.  Yes, take a rest.   In other words, recharge your talents so your turbo can grow stronger.

This will help you become better at your job. We all need to recharge. Needing to recharge doesn’t define you as weak.  You are human. You need to make sure that the amount of recharging you do is sufficient for rest. After we recharge,we are more focused and happy.  We have no resentment for what we do and can continue to work with passion. You will now have a clear mind to make decisions about executing plans for advocating for your students.

In other words...sleep.  It is not uncommon to see sleep deprived professionals in the education world.  In the years that I have been in this profession, I myself have been guilty of this.  We pride ourselves in staying up all night to write lesson plans, grade papers, or send a few emails.  Is this good for our home lives?  Is this good for our students? The answer is “no”.  The less sleep we get, the more errors we make and the crankier we become.  Also, your colleagues don’t like getting late night emails from you… trust me. I have been guilty of this.

So, what are some things we can do after work to help us recharge?:

  • After 7 pm, park your phone in a spot until the next morning.  Also, do NOT open up your computer.  In other words, don’t sacrifice your sanity to just be on a device. This is easier said than done, but it will help you unwind for the evening. Even disconnect your work email from your phone on certain nights if needed.  You’ll spend more quality time with family and friends.

  • Develop a better routine.  In our field, we get messy about our times and routines.  If you need to get up for work at 6am, then try to assure you are in bed by 10pm so you can access a full eight hours.

  • Check your baggage at the door.  You don’t want to be up tossing and turning all night thinking about your day’s stress.  The reframing and sunlight time in the previous posts are so important because they help you do this.

So, after you have recharged, it’s time to hit your turbo button, make an impact on someone’s life and also learn.

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