ACT | Mawi Learning's Turbo Toolkit: Rooted in SEL Research

Mawi Learning’s SEL framework — our Turbo Toolkit —builds upon five core SEL competencies. These five CASEL-aligned competencies drive positive gains in academic achievement and student well-being.

5 SEL Competencies

Mawi Learning - Turbo


Students who hit their Turbo Button activate their inner sense of agency. This empowers students to make strides towards healthy goals — both academic and personal.

Mawi Learning - Relationships


Students with strong relationships build a network of peers, adults, and mentors. They know they belong and have a strong support team.

Mawi Learning - Mindsets


Students with growth mindsets know they can improve their skills and abilities with effort. They seek out new challenges and pursue them with confidence.

Mawi Learning - Skills


Students with strong skills have the strategies, habits, and tools to learn and succeed. They know how to handle personal and academic stress — and make choices that keep them healthy, strong, and productive.

Mawi Learning - Voice


Students with strong voices know that their strengths and ideas matter. They become leaders at home and at school — and pursue their passions with confidence.

A Turbo-Charged SEL Framework

The Turbo competency is central to Mawi Learning’s SEL framework. The reason: Students’ ability to develop a sense of agency empowers growth in other competencies. By contrast, a weak sense of Turbo makes growth difficult in other areas.

The five competencies in our Turbo Toolkit complement and reinforce one another. We’ve designed our Turbo Toolkit this way on purpose—since it mirrors findings of key SEL studies. Substantial SEL research validates that building skills in one SEL domain increases opportunities for growth in others.

With our CASEL-aligned Turbo Tools, students learn to forge connections across competencies. They pursue a combined, holistic approach to learning that fosters success.

Research Findings

Mawi Learning is committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for students who take our SEL courses, which is why we conduct research on an ongoing basis and partner with school districts and external experts to conduct our studies.

Highlights from recent research efforts include…

  • 94% of high schoolers say that Mawi Learning’s courses helped increase their confidence
  • 94% of high schoolers say that their performance in other classes improved because of their enrollment in a Mawi Learning course
  • 93% of educators saw a reduction in students’ test anxiety as a result of a Mawi Learning course

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