About ACT | Mawi Learning:
SEL that gets results.

Mission driven. Student focused.
Turbo charged.

Our Mission: To drive academic growth and student well being through the application of Social Emotional Learning

Mawi Learning: A Story of Tenacity and Triumph

At Mawi Learning, we know, first-hand, the transformational power of social emotional learning — because we’ve seen it in action.

Our founder, Mawi Asgedom, fled war-torn Ethiopia as a child and survived a refugee camp for three years before being resettled in the United States. Growing up in the U.S., Mawi faced many challenges including language barriers, financial hardship, and personal tragedy.

The turning point in Mawi’s K-12 journey was when he received SEL training from educators and mentors and learned how to set goals, build strong relationships, and hit his “Turbo Button.” As Mawi applied his SEL training, his confidence skyrocketed and he experienced unimaginable academic and personal growth, resulting in a scholarship to Harvard University — where Mawi eventually gave the commencement address to 30,000 people at his own graduation.

After graduating from Harvard, and reflecting on the transformative power of SEL in his own life, Mawi founded Mawi Learning to empower all learners to grow with research-based SEL. Since 1999, Mawi Learning has:

  • Trained more than 1,000,000 students in more than 12 countries with live trainings and award-winning online and blended SEL courses
  • Partnered with districts of all sizes for both professional development and student training around SEL
  • Field-tested and refined a proprietary Turbo Toolkit to apply research-based SEL for results

What we know: SEL must be applied to get the best results.

That’s why our SEL tools aren’t abstract. Instead, they’re practical, proven, and tangible Turbo Tools that students use every day—at school and beyond.

A Turbo-Charged Approach

Mawi Learning’s online and blended courses for K-12 students and educators center on the idea of “Turbo” — our power to take action and grow. Our CASEL-designated curricula provide dynamic mental models, frameworks, and tools that make SEL principles — like growth mindset and relationship building — come to life.

Our Turbo Toolkit transforms abstract SEL concepts into real-world tools that are applied every day — in the classroom and beyond. Grounded in the strongest SEL literature to support all K-12 learners, our Turbo Tools help educators and students find their inner sense of agency, build positive relationships, and elevate their ability to grow confidence, attain goals, and achieve academically.