EMPOWERING ENGLISH LEARNERS FOR CLASSROOM SUCCESS: 6 Keys to Academic and Social-Emotional Growth. PRE-ORDER. Ships in early December.

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PRE-ORDER: Book will ship in early December

How can any educator, regardless of their background, help English Learners succeed? How can educators leverage the best research on Growth Mindset, student agency, and other proven social emotional learning concepts to empower English Learners? 

In this dynamic guide to English Learner success, you will gain a powerful framework and countless tools including:

•    Proven Classroom Strategies 
•    Hands-on Lesson Ideas 
•    Ready-to-Use Activities
•    Mini-Case Studies
•    Reflection Guides

By the time you finish, you will have new power to unlock the potential of every English Learner and a research-based common language for English Learner success across your school.