Better Grades, Higher Test Scores

Research shows that learning mindsets, study skills, and testing skills can drive academic success.

Critical Thinking and Study Skills

Mawi went from being a C and D student in 8th grade to being accepted to every college he applied to, including Harvard. Now you can give your students a proven blueprint for academic success, based on the best research on student learning, and Mawi Learning’s field work with over one million students.

Student Feedback

According to a post-course assessment, students in the Critical Thinking and Study Skills course overwhelmingly reported positive outcomes. 95% of students reported that the course improved their ability to think and learn and 93% of students would recommend the course to other students.

Student Social and Emotional Learning Outcomes

Students displayed significantly increased levels of academic self-confidence(1), which allows them to continue to push themselves to succeed. Students also reported increased enjoyment of challenging assignments(2). Most powerfully,students demonstrated significantly more positive views of their own intelligence and academic potential(3).

These results were collected from pre- and post-course survey assessments using student self-concept Likert rated items.
(1) Student academic confidence: Pretest (M= 3.12, SE= 1.05), Posttest (M= 3.68, SE= 0.93), F(1, 1806) = 74.83 , p<.001.
(2) Enjoyment of challenging tasks: Pretest (M= 3.25, SE= 1.27), Posttest (M= 3.73, SE= 0.93, F(1, 1818) = 48.01, p<.001.
(3) Fixed mindset view of intelligence [reverse coded]: Pretest (M= 3.41, SE= 1.16), Posttest (M= 2.77, SE= 1.33), F(1, 1814) = 86.80, p<.001.


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College and Career Readiness

Strategically Navigate College and Careers

To help students apply to and pay for college, Mawi Learning offers College and Career Readiness. This course gives students practical guidance on how to apply for college, plan their career, and manage their finances.


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Course Resource Examples

ell success

Here is an example of the personal plan all students complete at the end of College and Career Readiness.

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academic success

Sample of the personalized assessment students get at the beginning of Critical thinking and Study Skills.

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leadership training

Teachers use the Blended Blueprint to deepen student learning for Critical Thinking and Study Skills.

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