About Mawi Learning

Mawi Learning unlocks student and educator potential through research-based online courses, books, and professional development.

We believe educators have the power to transform students lives and create a culture of success. We give them the tools they need to enrich lives and accelerate growth.

Mawi Learning's passionate, dedicated staff understands the distinct challenges facing educators, and we work closely with schools and districts to tailor solutions that meet their particular needs. We partner with districts and schools to connect, collaborate, and provide support to create great results.

About Mawi Asgedom

As an Ethiopian refugee, Mawi Asgedom arrived in the U.S. facing poverty, language barriers, and cultural differences. Instead of giving up, he found strength in his struggles and successfully graduated from Harvard University with a scholarship, delivering the commencement speech to 30,000 Harvard graduates. In 2001, Mawi chronicled his family’s story in Of Beetles and Angels, his best-selling autobiography.

Over the next decade, Mawi spoke to over a million students and educators and wrote eight leadership books used in classrooms worldwide. Along the way, he was featured on Oprah, NPR, and in the Chicago Tribune and Essence magazine.

Mawi Learning codifies Mawi’s message of growth, resilience, and personal success in research-based blended and online courses for students and teachers. Mawi Learning’s courses inspire students and educators to capitalize on their potential by applying research-based strategies to instill powerful mindsets, encourage action, foster relationships, and build critical skills. These courses improve school culture, reinvigorate educators to teach, and motivate and empower students to succeed.

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